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Mouse pad - Anomalogy, Where Theory Meets Reality?

Mouse pad - Anomalogy, Where Theory Meets Reality?

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Design Backstory

Adrian Cho, in a podcast notes that phenomenology is a term used by particle physicists to describe anomalies where the standard model does not quite work and suggests the neologism ANOMALOGY as the study of such anomalies where experimentation significantly and repeatedly differs from predicted results. See our blog post for a more detailed explanation.

This mouse pad offers phenomenal grip and effortless mouse movement so that there are no anomalies in producing what you are pointing at.

• Soft polyester surface
• Natural rubber base
• Rounded edges
• 2.8 oz (79.4 g)
• Size: 8.7″ × 7.1″ × 0.12″ (220 × 180 × 3 mm)

Attention: Avoid placing the pad under direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Size guide

8.7"x7.1" (inches) 8 ⅝ 7 ⅛


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