Recommended Podcasts

The following podcast links are to a variety of STEM-related podcasts we listen to.

Some are purely STEM related whilst others include a wider variety of topics (some searchable) beyond a narrow STEM definition and incorporate how science and technology is helping produce powerful art for our STEAM - powered civilization. 

Some are deadly serious and others are more light hearted. However ALL are interesting and / or inspiring and / or thought provoking. ENJOY!

Do let us know if you have your own particular favourites we have missed at  We would love some recommendations for engineering podcasts!


Network /         Podcast Name


ABC       Background Briefing

ABC       Big Ideas

ABC       Blueprint For Living

ABC       Conversations

ABC       Future Tense

ABC       Great Moments in Science w Dr Karl

ABC       Ockhams Razor

ABC       Science Friction

ABC       Science Show

ABC       Sum of All Parts

BBC       13 Minutes to The Moon

BBC       A Life Scientific

BBC       Arts Technologica

BBC       Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

BBC       Digital Planet

BBC       Discovery

BBC       Inside Science

BBC       Live Science

BBC       Material World

BBC       People Fixing The World

BBC       Science In Action - Home Page

BBC       Science Focus

BBC       The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC       The Science Hour

CBC       Quirks & Quarks

DW       Science Unscripted

NASA    NASA's Curious Universe

NASA    Houston We Have A Podcast

NPR       Shortwave

NZ         Nanogirls Great Science Adventures

RNZ       Our Changing World

Oz         Branch Out

Oz         Moonshot

Oz         Next Billion Seconds

Oz         Space Nuts

Oz         SpaceTime W Stuart Gary

UK         Chemistry In Its Element

UK         The Numberphile Podcast

UK         Guardian Science Weekly/home

UK         Space Boffins

UK         The Naked Scientists

UK         New Scientist Weekly

US         Blockchain Insider

US         Breaking Math Podcast

US         Daniel & Jorge Explain The Universe

US         Ologies

US         Science AAAS

US         Science Clear & Vivid

US         Science Rules

US         Sean Carrolls Mindscape

US         Startalk

US         Techstuff with Jonathan Strickland

US         This Week In Science

US         The Joy Of x

US         Why This Universe