Recommended Podcasts


The following podcast links include STEM-related podcasts and Youtube channels we listen to or view.

Some are purely STEM related whilst others include a wider variety of topics (some searchable &/or with transcripts etc) beyond a narrow STEM definition and incorporate how science and technology is helping produce powerful art for our STEAM - powered civilization. 

Some are deadly serious and others are more light hearted. However ALL are interesting and / or inspiring and / or thought provoking. ENJOY!

Do let us know if you have your own particular favourites we have missed at 

We would love some recommendations for good engineering podcasts!


We would love some recommendations for good engineering podcasts!


Network /    Podcast Name


ABC    Background Briefing

ABC    Big Ideas

ABC    Blueprint For Living

ABC    Conversations

ABC    Future Tense

ABC    Great Moments in Science w Dr Karl

ABC    Ockhams Razor

ABC    Science Friction

ABC    Science Show

ABC    Sum of All Parts

BBC    13 Minutes to The Moon

BBC    A Life Scientific

BBC    Arts Technologica

BBC    Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

BBC    Digital Planet

BBC    Discovery

BBC    Inside Science

BBC    Live Science

BBC    Material World

BBC    People Fixing The World

BBC    Science In Action - Home Page

BBC    Science Focus

BBC    The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC    The Science Hour

CBC     Quirks & Quarks

DW     Science Unscripted

NASA  NASA's Curious Universe

NASA  Houston We Have A Podcast

NPR    Shortwave

NZ       Nanogirls Great Science Adventures

RNZ    Our Changing World

Oz       A Positive Climate

Oz       Branch Out

Oz       Moonshot

Oz       Next Billion Seconds

Oz       Space Nuts

Oz       SpaceTime W Stuart Gary

UK       Chemistry In Its Element

UK       The Numberphile Podcast

UK       Guardian Science Weekly/home

UK       Space Boffins

UK       The Naked Scientists

UK       New Scientist Weekly

US       Adafruit        (not just podcast, many tech resources, advice, knowledge n wisdom)

US       Blockchain Insider

US       Breaking Math Podcast

US       Daniel & Jorge Explain The Universe

US       Embedded fm (Visit the homepage &/or have a peak at some transcripts)

US       Ologies

US       Qanta (Also refer to its Youtube channel here)

US       Science AAAS

US       Science Clear & Vivid

US       Science Rules

US       Sean Carrolls Mindscape

US       Startalk

US       Techstuff with Jonathan Strickland

US       This Week In Science

US       The Joy Of x

US       Why This Universe




AsapScience - Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown do science. Their new show Shut it Off ASAPlooks at surviving off grid with science, engineering and fun!

D.O.R.K.S – (“Discussing Our Research and Knowledge Socially”) Co-hosted by Kelly Wienersmith and Scott Solomon of Rice University this channel features people discussing their STEAMY passions in a loosely conversational style with audience questions.

Kurzgesagt (German for ‘In A Nutshell) - This edutainment channel beautifully blends science and philosophy.

Mark Rober - Former NASA & Apple engineer now doing great videos

MinutePhysics – Quick (not tiny!) cool physics and other sweet science.

Qanta Magazine – As an award-winning, editorially independent magazine published by the Simons Foundation it is great for coverage of physics and mathematical research developments (see podcasts too)

Sabine Hossenfelder – A great channel for succinct, information dense presentations from a very credible professional scientist.

SciShowFor the curious about the curious

Smarter Every day - Aerospace engineer Destin Sandlin tackles science questions, performs experiments, and shows how gadgets work or how they’re made.

The Backyard Scientist - making instruments & doing science/chemistry experiments.

The Science Asylum - Nick Lucid is passionate about science and math. He educates and engages you with the excitement of it all.

The Slow Mo Guys - Great science in slow motion!

Veritasium – Dr Derek Mueller makes videos blending physics, everyday objects, and issues relevant to life and science education.
- The channel’s videos span scientific topics and range across philosophy, mathematics, pop culture, technology, and psychology.(Their Curiousity Box subscription product raises funds for Alzheimer research and science communication).


ENGINEERING – Making the world a better place - YOUTUBE CHANNELS

"You can look at practically any part of anything manmade around you and think, 'Some engineer was frustrated while designing this.' It's a little human connection." Randall Munroe

Interesting Engineering – Engineering is continuously transforming the world. IE tells you how with stories that help you understand how mechanisms are put together to create astounding things.

Learn Engineering - LESICS  Videos that clear misconceptions and explain technology in a simple way.

Practical Engineering Deconstructing the built world, infrastructure and civil engineering with, usefully, a real civil engineer (Grady Hillhouse).


MATHEMATICS – Pure, provable knowledge (or knot!) – Youtube Channels

Numberphile – For the love of maths

Stand Up MathematicsMatt Parker making maths fun