Recommended Podcasts


The following podcast links include STEM-related podcasts and Youtube channels we listen to or view.

Some are purely STEM related whilst others include a wider variety of topics (some searchable &/or with transcripts etc) beyond a narrow STEM definition and incorporate how science and technology is helping produce powerful art for our STEAM - powered civilization. A link to Q-CTRL’s learning center even offers to teach you quantum computing!

Some are deadly serious and others are more light hearted. However ALL are interesting and / or inspiring and / or thought provoking. ENJOY!

Do let us know if you have your own particular favourites we have missed at 

We would love some recommendations for good engineering podcasts!

Green – STEAM and making our civilisation more sustainable for AllTheUs on our little blue dot


Network /    Podcast Name


ABC    Background Briefing

ABC    Big Ideas

ABC    Blueprint For Living

ABC    Conversations

ABC    Future Tense

ABC    Great Moments in Science w Dr Karl

ABC    Ockhams Razor

ABC    Science Friction

ABC    Science Show

ABC    Sum of All Parts

BBC    13 Minutes to The Moon

BBC    A Life Scientific

BBC    Arts Technologica

BBC    Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

BBC    Digital Planet

BBC    Discovery

BBC    Inside Science

BBC    Live Science

BBC    Material World

BBC    People Fixing The World

BBC    Science In Action - Home Page

BBC    Science Focus

BBC    The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC    The Science Hour

CBC     Quirks & Quarks

DW     Science Unscripted

NASA  NASA's Curious Universe

NASA  Houston We Have A Podcast

NPR    Shortwave

NZ       Nanogirls Great Science Adventures

RNZ    Our Changing World

Oz       A Positive Climate

Oz       Branch Out

Oz       Moonshot

Oz       Next Billion Seconds

Oz       Space Nuts

Oz       SpaceTime W Stuart Gary

UK       Chemistry In Its Element

UK       The Numberphile Podcast

UK       Guardian Science Weekly/home

UK       Space Boffins

UK       The Naked Scientists

UK       New Scientist Weekly

US       Adafruit        (not just podcast, many tech resources, advice, knowledge n wisdom)

US       Blockchain Insider

US       Breaking Math Podcast

US       Daniel & Jorge Explain The Universe

US       Embedded fm (Visit the homepage &/or have a peak at some transcripts)

US        IRL Online Life Is Real Life (podcast by Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox)

US       Ologies

US       Qanta (Also refer to its Youtube channel here)

US       Science AAAS

US       Science Clear & Vivid

US       Science Rules

US       Sean Carrolls Mindscape

US       Startalk

US       Techstuff with Jonathan Strickland

US       This Week In Science

US       The Joy Of x

US       Why This Universe




AsapScience - Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown do science. Their new show Shut it Off ASAPlooks at surviving off grid with science, engineering and fun!

D.O.R.K.S – (“Discussing Our Research and Knowledge Socially”) Co-hosted by Kelly Wienersmith and Scott Solomon of Rice University this channel features people discussing their STEAMY passions in a loosely conversational style with audience questions.

Kurzgesagt (German for ‘In A Nutshell) - This edutainment channel beautifully blends science and philosophy.

Mark Rober - Former NASA & Apple engineer now doing great videos

MinutePhysics – Quick (not tiny!) cool physics and other sweet science.

Qanta Magazine – As an award-winning, editorially independent magazine published by the Simons Foundation it is great for coverage of physics and mathematical research developments (see podcasts too)

Sabine Hossenfelder – A great channel for succinct, information dense presentations from a professional scientist.

SciShowFor the curious about the curious

Smarter Every day - Aerospace engineer Destin Sandlin tackles science questions, performs experiments, and shows how gadgets work or how they’re made.

The Backyard Scientist - making instruments & doing science/chemistry experiments.

The Science Asylum - Nick Lucid is passionate about science and math. He educates and engages you with the excitement of it all.

The Slow Mo Guys - Great science in slow motion!

Veritasium – Dr Derek Mueller makes videos blending physics, everyday objects, and issues relevant to life and science education.
- The channel’s videos span scientific topics and range across philosophy, mathematics, pop culture, technology, and psychology.(Their Curiousity Box subscription product raises funds for Alzheimer research and science communication).


ENGINEERING – Making the world a better place - YOUTUBE CHANNELS

"You can look at practically any part of anything manmade around you and think, 'Some engineer was frustrated while designing this.' It's a little human connection." Randall Munroe

Interesting Engineering – Engineering is continuously transforming the world. IE tells you how with stories that help you understand how mechanisms are put together to create astounding things.

Learn Engineering - LESICS  Videos that clear misconceptions and explain technology in a simple way.

Practical Engineering Deconstructing the built world, infrastructure and civil engineering with, usefully, a real civil engineer (Grady Hillhouse).


MATHEMATICS – Pure, provable knowledge (or knot!) – Youtube Channels

Numberphile – For the love of maths

Stand Up MathematicsMatt Parker making maths fun




Scott Hanselman Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You


Quantum Computing

Q-CTRL is offering to teach you quantum computing here