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Are you a mathlete? Love the beauty of numbers and how they help us understand the world around us? Then it’s time to discover our marvellous maths range, including hoodies, T-shirts, posters and laptop sleeves promoting the wonders of maths.

Mighty Mathematics Making More Lives Marvellous: Many of us were scarred by poor math lessons at school but mathematics enables and enriches our lives. Lets take some time to appreciate and celebrate maths and mathematicians 😊 and remember that you don’t have to be professional mathematician to appreciate maths. If you or your kids have a great maths teacher make sure you congratulate them for job well done.

Oh and if you want some insight into settling the great Math or Maths debate watch this short Numberphile podcast with Dr Lynne Murphy.

(The collection image references Blaise Pascal and his binomial coefficients featured (eg) here  )

Also take a look at @Ayliean on Twitter (self described “mathemactivist and craftamatician, constantly trying to unleash the beauty of Maths for all to see”) or listen to Dr Nira Chamberlain and others talk through their lives journey enjoying and using mathematics to solve real world problems.

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