The Climate Change Denialists Playbook?

Professor Michael E. Mann warns of the climate denialists playbook in his 2021 book "The New Climate War - The Fight to Take Back Our Planet" which we have rendered as alliterative shorthand in our wordcloud design - "Divide, Deny, Delay, Deceive, Deflect, Downplay".

Professor Mann discusses these tactics used by vested interests to slow down efforts to decarbonize our society here with a nice alliterative summary (replicated in our one of our Wordcloud Design Collection designs as 'Divide, Deny, Delay, Deceive, Deflect, Downplay").

With hope, resources, will, work and determination we can change the trajectory of our economies to keep our climate in a range that allows humanity and other life, all-the-us, on our little pale blue dot to survive and thrive as the Earth continues to orbit our sun as we all travel around Sagittarius A*.

A link to two of his most recent books:

a) “Our Fragile Moment: How Lessons From The Earth’s Past Can Help Us Survive The Climate Crisis” is here

b) “The Mad-house Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics & Driving Us Crazy” is here

written with cartoonist Tom Toles

A link to Penn State University Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media which includes various or Professor Mann’s articles is here

A worthwhile discussion on Deutsche Welle’s Living Planet podcast hosted by Sam Baker about how to combat climate change misinformation is here

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