Here Comes The Solar Wow Factor (or is the Wow Factor you or yours inside the garment)?

This Alltheus design was inspired by Deutsche Welle’s Science Unscripted podcast reporting on Exeter University’s Alex Smalley’s “Beyond Blue Sky Thinking” paper which shows that sunrises and sunsets tend to trigger or boost people’s feelings of awe, improve mood, make you more social and increase positive emotions.

It is commonly recognized that a walk in nature can lift one’s spirits but the paper makes the interesting point that: “Despite a large body of research examining the impacts of nature on our mental health, most studies have assessed these effects under calm, blue skies. Surprisingly few have considered how we respond to variations in weather and the daily rhythms of the sun, changes referred to as ‘ephemeral phenomena’.” (emphasis added).

In summary “Our research indicates that getting up a bit earlier for sunrise or timing a walk to catch the sunset could be well worth the effort the wow factor associated with these encounters might unlock small but significant bumps in feelings of beauty and awe which could in turn have impacts on mental well being

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(The link to a discussion of the study on the virtual-nature website is here)

“Together, members of the Centre explore how experiences of health, illness and medical knowledge are shaped by cultural practices and beliefs, and investigate how evidence from the humanities and social sciences can be used to help to develop and evaluate innovative and effective public health initiatives.”

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