Surprise Pi

Pi is also a transcendental number - a number that is not algebraic, ie it is not the solution of an algebraic equation with rational-number coefficients.


Some discussion of pi and its surprises can be found on the following media

The Problem of Infinite Pi(e) - The Curious Case of Rutherford and Fry 2 Nov 2022

The First & Last Digits of Pi – Numberphile

(A link to pi afficinado Martin Krzywinski’s (pronounced Shavinski) page is here)


The Most Unusual Ways Pi Shows Up In Mathematics | Can You Explain These? Zac Star

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The Discovery That Transformed Pi Veratasium



The Joy Of Pi by David Blatner

A History of Pi by Petr Beckmann

Pi: A Biography of The World’s Most Mysterious Number Alfred S. Posamentier


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