Stephen Wolfram’s toe – A Grand Unified Theory of Everything?

Since the mid-1980’s Stephen Wolfram has led Wolfram Research since its founding in 1987 building on Wolfram’s Mathematica product range. He has written widely and in 2019 launched the Wolfram Physics Project to investigate and develop his ideas around a fundamental theory of physics.

Daniel Whiteson & Jorge Cham present an accessible and informative critique of the theory on their podcast here . Watch this space as Dr Wolfram has the brains and resources to continue building upon his intriguing ideas.

The Eigenbros have a great video here, and following one of the key theoretical developers questioning their treatment an upcoming video will discuss more of the detail and background as well as address some of the errrors the theory’s developers very politely told the Eigenbros thye had misunderstood. Such a STEAM-powered debate will be a refreshing change from the more usual social media method of attacking the person rather than the ideas!