Quantum Advantage is a Shor Thing

In a classic computer, a bit is the basic unit of information. In quantum computing, a qubit, or a quantum bit, is the basic unit of quantum information. A qubit is a two-state (or two-level) quantum-mechanical system.

In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other. In quantum computing, qubits can be in a superposition of both states at the same time. Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle in quantum mechanics. Contrary to a classical bit that can only be in the state corresponding to 1 or 0, a qubit may be in a superposition of both states.

Overcoming decoherence and quantum error control are key aspects to ensure practical and useful quantum computing with Sandia National Laboratories Andrew Landahl receiving the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award in 2022 for inventing quantum error correction protocols and decoding algorithms. 

There is no doubt that quantum computing will change the way we solve some of our most difficult problems some mundane others cutting edge. Peggy Smedley and Michael Biercek discuss the endless possibilities of quantum computing here


Some Quotes:

“Nature isn’t classical, dammit, and if you want to make a simulation of nature you’d better make it quantum mechanical, and by golly, it’s a wonderful problem because it doesn’t look easy.” Richard Feynmann
“On the way to the impossible we might find something wonderfully doable” Brain Cox
"Complicated calculations fail as the systems get out of hand due to perturbations. Using error correction, this process can be contained." Rainer Blatt
“Being at the vanguard of the birth of a new industry is extraordinary” Michael Biercek, QCTRL founder


Lawson Media’s Moonshot podcast on Quantum Computing ability to solve the World’s Biggest Problems

QCTRL’s Q-CTRL’s Youtube channel for accessible explanations and their website https://q-ctrl.com/

(In early 2021 Q-CTRL entered an agreement with NSW Government to improve public transport scheduling - an example of how new methods can resolve the old travelling salesman problem).

Some books and article / institution links

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