Better Not Call Saul nor Dan about MOND the Living Dead Theory?

The recent attempted resurrection of the MOND theory seems a bit like the 2023 US Congressional hearings on UAP (previously known as UFOs), fresh assertions of a discredited theory. There is no new compelling evidence to counteract Einstein’s General Relativity theory and cosmology’s bete noire – dark matter. See more about the design and, we assert, our universe’s best physics based punk band here (although Mr Zuckerberg may think he has better ones in his metaverse let alone Everett’s multiverse, popularized by Bryce DeWitt).


Professor Dan Hooper of Chicago University now gets up on stage to request “Stop Emailing Dan About MOND” with his physics colleagues in a punk rock band called Spectral Distortion. The “Why This Universe” (WTU) podcast with Professor Hooper and doctoral candidate Shalma Wegsman recently replayed their first summary discussing MOND’s weaknesses and added an update subsequent to a paper that purported to show that MOND might have some legs. Suffice it to say these legs are not substantial. The podcast can be heard here. Please also consider supporting their podcast - it has a growing number of useful and interesting episodes, including one explaining how Dan lost a bet with dark matter!

And have a listen to Spectral Distortion’s “Stop Emailing Dan About MOND” song here!

(See also our WTU inspired hyperbass design related to the early universe’s Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations - even louder than a punk band!)

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