International Day of Women & Girls In STEM

Today is IDWGS – its been said that tomorrows empires are the empires of the mind and the minds of women and girls are finally being better nurtured, given room to grow and contribute with their talent.

Fundamentally, talent may be equally distributed but access to resources and opportunity is not.

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Thank goodness we are not continuing to waste such enormous resources with the world getting a little better at least in including women and girls in STEM. Imagine the wasted brain power we have squandered over generations - we might have had practical nuclear fusion years ago! Today on 11th February we celebrate what has been achieved and push for more.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell [pulsars], Rosalind E Franklin [DNA structure], Maria G Mayer [atomic nucleus], Vera Rubin [dark matter] to name oh so few – did not get the accolades that Emmanuelle Charpentier & Jennifer Doudna got for their pioneering CRISPR Cas9 work. We are sure however there will be many more future belle female Nobel and other STEM prizes. Nor do women and girls have to win prizes to be interested and good at STEM subjects, its just a great way to create, understand, enjoy and participate in our world … and get the first woman into a translunar injection trajectory (per Katherine Johnson) and on to the Moon!


Some quotes:

“Every single discipline in STEM has a creative element to it. Idea generation, knowledge exchange, growth mindsets and problem solving, successful translation and innovation all require innovative thinking.” Marguerite Evans-Galea, co-founder & CEO of Women in STEMM(edicine)

"Science is absolutely fascinating. If you had good teachers everywhere, everyone would be interested in it. There's a real pleasure that comes from understanding difficult things." Professor Michelle Simmons,

 "I hate the binarisation of art and science – I just think it's a toxic thing for everybody,"  Margaret Wertheim

And let’s remember “To be human is the most wonderful thing for atoms to be" Professor Brian Cox

Neither the atoms nor their constituent fundamental particles know or care about gender! They’re strangely charming in their own way whether they are up or down, on top or at the bottom.