I Love Maths - I is beautiful with all the Joy of X, Y and all their permutations - Butt why?


"Mathematics is beautiful" Peter Rozsa ((Founder of Recursive Function Theory)

Physical beauty and social media’s fetishes and falsehoods are ephemeral but kindness, intelligence, wit and charm are perennially attractive. Penrose triangles (aka tribars) are a beautiful impossible physical paradigm. What X factor we find attractive in one another is fantastic – there is no formula for that!

There is actually a lovely fun book called “The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Math from One to Infinity” by Joseph Strogatz.

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For completeness the formula purportedly developed by a (male) psychology lecturer in Manchester Metropolitan University to indicate the beauty of a human female bum was:

(S+C) x (B+F)  - V/T


S= Shape

C = Circularity

B = Bounce

F = Firmness

T = Texture

V = Ratio of hip to waist

It is unreported whether he developed one for male humans or indeed any other species but maybe he realised the folly of his research before expanding the set of formulae.