Humans, The Machinery Of Tech

The corporate catchall phrase ‘Rest of World’ is commonly used to denote all the people outside wealthy western countries but who are the majority of the world’s population and critical to the technology infrastructure. They also build, use and adapt the tech in so many fantastically empowering ways.

Nonetheless as AI grows in importance the ongoing challenge of ethics, the ethical quotient of our tech infrastructure and human considerations, per Martin Luther King Jr, becomes even more important. (See also the Design Backstory for AI Shades Polarising Society).

Nor should we forget the toll our comfortable experience of the shiny tech cyber physical world takes on those mining the essential ingredients and crawling through the sewerage of execrable content but seek to ensure that the web's early promise with regard to its uplifting potential is more realized.

We commend visitors to this page to also listen to a short podcast here (the design is inspired by a quote about 23:15 min in) and another apple podcast with Sophie Schmidt discussing the RoW’s genesis and purpose as well as explore the Rest of World website. Support where you can. will donate 50% of profits from products featuring this design to RoW.


 As an aside we think the lyrics of an old 1980’s New Zealand band Misex song “People” are also relevant:

“People walk, people talk,

people sing, people sigh,

people lose, people try,

people live, people die

people laugh ....”