EXTREME SPORT #1: Io – Lava Surfing Paradise

Io is the solar system’s most volcanically active moon. This innermost Galiliean moon of Jupiter is heated by gravitational squeezing and stretching as it is caught in a tug of war between the planet and, particularly, the two main neighbouring moons Ganymede and Europa orbiting further out. Io travels faster than these moons completing two orbits for every Europa orbit and four orbits for each of Ganymede’s orbits. Some research even suggests it may have lava fountains that could result in enormous lava waves travelling over its lava lakes.

We imagine future extreme sport aficionados and thrill seekers will dispense with mere Earthbound cool water surfing at Tahiti’s Teahupoo, Fiji’s Cloudbreak, Hawaii’s Waimea Bay or Banzai Pipeline and even Portugal’s Praia do Norte. Instead they will seek out hotter adventures on Io, some may even be those particularly patient, persistent and perspicacious people - planetary scientists - doing fun fieldwork!


Jupiter's Moon Io Has A Lot of Very Unusual Things Going On

Anton Petrov 1.1m YT


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Jupiters Moon Io is Alive With Fountains of Lava

5 Aug 2014