Upcoming  Designs

Upcoming Designs

Upcoming Designs

  1. Valentina Tereschova, the first woman in Space (#1SpaceXX) born on 6 March 1938 was a pioneer in the challenge to becoming a spacefaring species. The Artemis mission will make another critical step,  taking the first woman into a translunar injection (just as Apollo 8 in 1968 did for mankind)! Our Artemis related design might help you celebrate International Day of Human Spaceflight every April 12 or support the mission to enable the first woman into a translunar injection trajectory!


  1. A celebration and a challenge to really love the world we are on. Hawaiian navigator Nainoa Thompson gave us a simple yet powerful way to really love our world, our good Earth with his statement "If you don't understand it, you can't protect it. And if you don't care, you won't protect it."

In March we have three days dedicated to nature with us – Alltheus - on our pale blue dot, specifically International Forest Day (21 Mar), International Meteorological Day (23 Mar) and World Water Day (22 Mar) – all that beautiful blue water, let’s not fill it with petrochemical plastic.  


  1. We also salute Albert Einstein (born 14 March 1879) – who famously asserted that god doesn’t play dice - and Emmy Noether (born 23 March 1882) who helped Einstein work on the tensor maths for general relativity. She also revealed that the symmetries of a physical system are linked to physical quantities that are conserved, such as energy - Noether’s theorem - enabling great strides forward in physics.


  1. We will also expand our “Life With / Without” and “[STEAM] is …” ranges.


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