Aviv Ovadya Apocalypse now?

The Route from dot dash to 1 0 - Too binary for the modern world?

On 11 Jan 1838 Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail gave first public generation of dot / dash telegraph messages. Whilst information transfer rates at the Speedwell Ironworks were not exactly fast they were the precursor to todays terabyte / sec speeds possible through glass fibre. Another reason why 2022 is the UN International Year of Glass!

Now, if only we can get personal data better owned and information spread better we might have fewer problems of untruths or ignorance as well as mitigants of Professor Shoshana Zuboff surveillance capitalism and Mr Aviv Ovadya's "Infocalypse" (per an earlier Alltheus Social Media themed design series). As Jaron Lanier might say "What a BUMMER"!

 Technology is one thing but how we design the cyphy (cyberphysical) world of tomorrow (per the 3Ai Institute, headed by Professor Genevieve Bell) is quite another. Let's ensure we don't sleepwalk into cybergeddon and escape Nicholas Carr's "The Glass Cage".

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