Podcasts that amused and informed us this week!

Podcasts that amused and informed us this week!

We listened to some more good STEAMy podcasts this week. There was a mix of technology, biology, botany and physics as well as coverage of JWST unfolding whilst heading towards L2.

Some notable highlights included:

  1. This Week In Science reviewing 2021 predictions, making new ones for 2022 and reporting on self-driving fish research (leading to speculation on a new betting industry and research funding opportunity) as well as reporting on tiny tardigrades possibly demonstrating quantum biology;
  2. Space Boffins reporting on the first fruiting plants in space per Emma Doughty’s beautifully named podcast “Gardeners of The Galaxy” riffing off Marvel’s 'Guardians of The Galaxy' just as our Franklin, Doudna and Charpentier-honouring “Guardians of the Genome” design does.
  3. the BBC’s Scientifically outlined the wonders of the world largest pelagic fish – the sunfish. Some BOFFs (Big Old Female Fish) produce up to 850m eggs (as reported in Instant Genius: The Science of Aging with Dr Andrew Steele 27 Dec 2021)
  4. Planetary Radio had a review of the year including Bill Nye speculating on the properties of metallic hydrogen within Jupiter, per the Juno mission;
  5. Daniel and Jorge Explain The Universe covering black hole brightness,


We also  found an appropriate quote relating to sunfish, metallic hydrogen and black holes:

“Nature often reveals her greatest secrets in her most extreme forms”

Dr Steven Wainwright


Check out the podcasts and we will have some related designs loaded to our Alltheus website later this week. Remember to subscribe to our website, we have free standard shipping.  

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