Mighty Maths - Making Many Marvellous Lives

We recently watched a Veritasium video with the ever informative Derek Muller on the fatal flaw in mathematics. Despite this flaw mathematics enables and hugely enriches our lives so we now have a special design collection for mathematics.

There is also much fun to be had with codes, geometry, patterns or even just simple play (eg mathematics is key to our computer games - generating pixels and enabling the software & / or hardware that we as wetware use) let alone the raw utility of applying mathematical thinking to problem solving. Lets take some time to appreciate and celebrate maths, mathematicians and especially the good teachers 😊. And remember that you don’t have to be professional mathematician to like or appreciate maths.

Take a look at @Ayliean on Twitter (self described “mathemactivist and craftamatician, constantly trying to unleash the beauty of Maths for all to see”) or listen to Dr Nira Chamberlain and others talk through their lives journey enjoying and using mathematics to solve real world problems.

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