Island of Stability?

Just listened to another "Daniel & Jorge Explain The Universe" podcast which tickled our fancy and inspired these pix. 

These two gents drip cool information into your eardrums with a laid back happy Californian style so you don't even realise you are becoming more informed by each episode. We always thought iron atoms were the most stable nuclei but apparently lead atoms are! This episodes frequent reference to magic numbers did give us pause to think maybe magic mushrooms might have been recently ingested as part of an experiment to try understanding the crazy powerful strong force. Then we realised that "magic numbers" is actually a recognised term in this area referring to how certain proton and neutron numbers make for a particularly stable nucleus. The Super Heavy Element (SHE) scientists are just crazy cool cats! Keep it up guys. And we have no idea why this stability exists - sure to feature in Daniel & Jorge's next book "We STILL Have No Idea".


To find the Daniel & Jorge episode and a bit more follow the link here