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We love it when research highlights the false schism between art and science and the podcast discussing the book:

The Music Advantage: how learning music helps your child's brain and wellbeing

by Dr Anita Collins, Allen & Unwin

is a beautiful example.

About 15 minutes in Dr Collins provides a pithy summary of the linkage between speaking and reading for children that a neuroscientist used: “ If they can’t hear it, they can’t speak it; if they can’t speak it, they can’t read it.” Then around 26 minutes in there is the lovely story of a child learning they have two hands with which to coordinate a clap – explaining how this clapping helps a child connect and coordinate 3 parts of the brain - the auditory, visual and motor cortices – a golden triangle. 

The link to the podcast is here


Another podcast discussing the connection between music and memory and research showing that the brain responds to music even when other abilities are lost is here.